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Born in the United States, it is at the age of 8 that Fred Juarez discovers France and its history through flea markets!

Passionate about music, he has a long experience in record label and has been a producer, manager and independent publisher for a few years.

Attracted by the design and the art, it is from disparate mottled objects, that he began to imagine all kinds of transformations to give them a new life.

Over the flea markets he travels in France or abroad, his findings awaken his inspiration for more and more creations.

This passion led him to want to practice arc welding for about ten years and to develop his artistic sense by working metal then all kinds of materials to finally create his own models:

lamps, furniture or decorative objects.







facebook : fred juarez

instagram : fred.juarez

email :

mobile : +33 6 07 23 85 97

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